How to Thank a Client for their Business with Sample Template

The project is over. You have the cheque and raked in the moolah. What next? Open the bottle and celebrate! No! You got to do an important thing now. Thank your client. Why? Because your client is the purpose and the reason for your existence. In services, long-term relationship is essential, and repeat work is the key to growth and success. You have to preserve the relationship, and thanking is an excellent opportunity.

"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption in our work – he is the purpose of it. We are not doing him a favor by serving him. He is doing us a favor by giving us the opportunity to serve him. – Mahatma Gandhi"

It would be best to thank your client in a total sense without expecting anything in return. Gratitude is one of the most important virtues to live by.

Thanking builds a positive relationship

After a project is complete, thank the client profoundly. It should be the last memorable thing in your client's mind. You might have had a feud and many ups and downs during project execution. After all that, you have completed the project. You do not want the bitter memories to be the last thing clinging on. It should be a joyous event that brings the curtain down so it will remain everlasting in the client's memories.

How To Thank A Client

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When you re-initiate the relationship in the future, the rewind should start from the last "thank you" moment. It ensures that the start after a break is a positive one. So, you bury the hatchet, move forward with the business, and sign more contracts.

Express gratitude in a novel way

You can have the thank you event as a template. It is not just a simple thank you in words. It should be executed as a well-rehearsed show. You should keep rehearsing and refining it. Arrive at a template of what works for you the best. Above all, your thank you should be a genuine one. You should mean it so the client will feel your sincerity. Good communication will go a long way to protect your business interests.

Find a novel way to express your gratitude. Do not execute somberly. It should not be a regular exercise. Unless you put more effort into this process and make it something novel, this will get lost in the noise. Sending a thank you text in an email is the usual way. Sending a video by adding background music, bringing a celebratory tone, and sending it to the client is an example of a novel thank you.

Ten thank-you sample messages

The process of expressing the thank you should be novel. But the message will be the same irrespective of how it is delivered. Following are some sample thank-you template notes for you to use.

  1. Thank you for allowing us to provide the service you. We appreciate your business and relationship. We are looking forward eagerly to working with you again.
  2. There are so many competitors, and thank you for choosing us to work with you. Please feel free to ask for any help in the future.
  3. Thank you so much for the business. We hope to have the pleasure of doing business with you again.
  4. Thank you for trusting us with the [project name]. We hope you had a good experience and are happy with our engagement.
  5. We value your business greatly and thank you for trusting us. We sincerely express our gratitude and appreciate your relationship.
  6. Many thanks for your sincere commitment to the work [project name]. We are eagerly looking forward to your business again.
  7. We enjoyed working with you on [project name]; it was a great pleasure. Thank you so much for your business and trust in us.
  8. Thank you so much. We wholeheartedly appreciate your business and looking for a long-term relationship with you.
  9. Thank you for your work order and the seamless coordination. We are grateful for your patronage and continued support.
  10. We could execute the work successfully because of your sincere support. Thank you so much for your trust and confidence in us.

Tips for a better Thank you

These top tips are to make your thank you stand out and make an impression. This is an opportunity to make a stamp of approval for a long-term business relationship with your client. I am presenting you a set of tips to make the thanking process beautiful and stand out from the noises. Association with a client in a project is like poetry. The client expresses an idea, and you shape that with your hard work and feelings. During the process, you interchange sincere thoughts and finally get into a rhythm, then finish it with your final touch. So, after all these exchanges, you end with a thank you and sow the seed for a new long-term relationship with your client. How to express your thank you in a good way? Read through, learn, and execute it.

1. Thank you! Message timing is a critical thing

Good timing is everything in life. A lovely moment can be spoiled with lousy timing. With the right timing, it can be made even more stunning.

Do not rush to open the moment. In my experience as a freelancer, I have seen that a client will be wary of signing off on a project. They will be cautious. Because they want to ensure everything is working as expected and alright. If they allow you to hand off hurriedly, they will fear you will vanish in thin air. If something goes wrong immediately after deployment, you will either become unreachable or you may charge for your services. So when you feel the project is over, give a short cooling time before you embark on the thanking process.

Time's gentle touch,
A delicate art,
Unveiling moments,
That mend the heart.

The next point is to gauge the client's mood. Either they are neutral or ecstatic about the project. If they are depressed or dissatisfied, it is not the right moment to thank them. They may not take your thank you in a good sense.

Do not go for the final thank you when the last invoice is pending. There might be a reason for it. Check with your client on the payment, and if you do not get a neat reply, you should write a strong letter to receive the outstanding payment.

2. The message should be personal

Do not automate. With the advent of general AI tools, people ask it to generate a letter via an API, then route it to a mail sender, everything automatically, depending on the project status. Project management software will help to hook this workflow.

Automation is good. But should be used in the right places. Human touch is needed in some areas of a business. Especially if you are a freelancer, it is a must. A video will be great, and a handwritten note is also acceptable.

Ideas for a personal message,

  • Recorded video message.
  • Traditional postcard.
  • Thank you! Journal - create a journal full of thank you messages and lovely quotes and present it.
  • Curate an antique gift box and deliver it surprisingly.
  • Gift a wine. There is good wine for every occasion. If not a wine, then the client's favorite beverage will do.
  • Collage. Create a memorable photo collage from your project moments, frame it, and give it.
  • Post a handwritten letter on a beautiful and traditional letter pad.

3. Be sincere and carry superlatives

Avoid standard templated responses. It should not be a mundane activity. The process of thank you should be treated like how you will send the deliverables of the project. This should be done with the same level of sincerity. It will get reflected in the way you express the thank you. Your client will feel it. You can use the sample template notes I have given above as its or elaborate on it.

Do not shy to express your gratitude in heavy superlatives. Be flamboyant, excessive, and not frugal. There is nothing wrong in thanking profoundly. Sometimes it may feel dramatic, but it will convey the message, and your client will feel good about it. This will linger in their mind for a more extended period.

4. No requests while thanking a client

Focus on the single purpose of "thanking" the client. Please do not add a request to it. Generally, service providers look for testimonials. It is good to ask for feedback about your service. But, it should not be combined with thanking process. It should be done separately, exclusively, and sincerely.

If you combine the thanking with any other activity, then it will get diluted. If you thank the client via email, please send a separate email for thanks; it should be the last thing in your project. After thanking, do not send the final invoice and ask for money. Sometimes it may get delayed, and you might send strong emails to collect the payment.

5. You thank for a long-term relationship

Your thank you is meant to express gratitude. It is for the completed work. You thank the client for the opportunity they gave you to service them with no strings attached.

Unconditional thank you!

There might be some glitches during the project execution. You are going to bury everything with this, thank you. The last emotion between you and the client will be that thank you and nothing else.

With all this, a new long journey starts. This is a new business relationship for the long term to come.

I take this moment to thank you, my readers and visitors, for enriching this application and blog. Thank you.

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