The software you need to Manage Freelance Business


Cazny will help you to reduce administrative work and focus on growth.

Free forever. Credit card NOT required.

Simple and easy to use

Cazny has all the tools you need for managing quotes, contracts, clients, projects, invoices, payments, tasks, and timesheets.

Unlimited clients

Unlimited projects

Proposals and contracts

Professional invoices

Collect payments

Tasks and Timesheets

Notifications and reminders

Global currency support

Insightful reports

Everything unlimited

For all freelancers


Freelance Writer

Graphic Designers

Freelance Graphic Designer

Web Developers

Freelance Web Developer


Freelance Photographer

Software Engineers

Freelance Software Engineer


Freelance Editor

Why Cazny?

  1. Simple and easy to use.
  2. You can personalize it to suit your needs.
  3. Built by freelancers for freelancers.
  4. Priority support for all to get the best.
  5. Fast! seamless UI/UX.
  6. Cazny helps to reduce administrative work.
  7. Acts as a personal assistant and empowers to get things done.
  8. One unified software for all your freelancing needs.
  9. Equips for better decisions by providing insightful information.
  10. Unlimited access with no expiry plan.


Earlier, we built Cazny for our internal purposes. We continue to use it for managing our projects. We are sensitive about data security. It is of utmost priority to us.

We have followed OWASP application security standards and also have done third-party security audits.

Pro Plan

Cazny is primarily free to use, but if you need that little bit extra, upgrade to Pro for USD 19 per month.

Your branding

Remove Cazny branding everywhere and present yourself with your brand.

No commission

Remove 2% Cazny commission on online payments you receive via Stripe forms.

Client Portal

Give your clients a secure project dashboard to follow the project status.

Team members Soon

Add your team members to Cazny and increase their productivity.

Our Story

Our Story

We have been running a freelance agency since 2013. It is a studio for building dynamic websites.

During the Covid season, our freelance business was booming like all Internet businesses. Then there was a need for efficient freelance management software.

We had to use multiple software daily. Very few specialized software was available for freelancers. Most of those available were insanely costlier.

Freelancers should do proposals, contracts, timesheets, invoicing, payments, and more by themselves. Since most freelancers work solo, a huge ERP will be overhead. We need something sleek, simple, minimal and lightweight that covers the A to Z of a freelance business.

Then we built software for ourselves, and Cazny was born. We gave access to some of our clients, and they liked it. Here it is for you too. We are eager to hear your thoughts.

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