Cazny is an all-in-one software for freelancers to manage their business. It is an easy to use software designed with usability and security as focus. It follows minimalist principle with seamless UI/UX.

We designed Cazny specific for freelancers. Yes! Freelancers need special tools. Generic project management software, an ERP or a CRM will not be a perfect match. Majority of the times, they will feel heavy-weight for a freelancer.

Freelancers need a sleek version of a ERP software. Lesser functional constraints and high-degree of customisation is key.

We understand that every freelancer has their own process in managing the project. Cazny is a modular system. You can make it dance to your tunes with ease.


Cazny is a run by Joe and Vincy. We have 35 years of collective software engineering experience between us.

We have been full-time freelancers since 2013 and running a freelance agency successfully. Before that we worked with multinational tech companies.

We both share a similar narrative. Right from family background to schooling. We were from a humble middle class family of school teachers from deep south India.


We had dreams of making it big in IT. We did not know each other. We ventured out to metropolitan city of Chennai. The most happening place for IT in India.

Vincy sold software CDs on the streets. Joe started as a developer creating custom software for micro companies.

It took a while for both of us to land in our dream jobs, programmers in tiny startups. We both had a fantastic start to our careers in challenging environments.

Those days were electric. Good small size teams. Full of learning with challenges and we progressed up in the ladder in lightning speed. Then we were working for mammoth IT multi-national companies.


We both had lingering dreams of entrepreneurship. We joined together and launched a freelance agency, software studio for building dynamic websites.

Our business is thriving and we were in need of a good software to manage our daily chores.

Then we built a do it all software for ourselves. We gave access to our clients and they liked it. Our clients are the initial takers and we are thankful to them.

Being small


Being small allows us to be agile and flexible in every aspect of the business. We can provide you personalised support.

We are accountable for any move we make. We have a clear direction. There is no hard wired processes that obstructs the flow.

Our expenses are tiny and we are profitable. Without any distraction, we can focus on providing you value.

We see Cazny as a marathon. We are in this for a longer game, you will get a stable service for many years to come.

"No one can construct for you the bridge upon which precisely you must cross the stream of life, no one but you yourself alone."

Friedrich Nietzsche