Freelancers work under their own identity. Most of the times name being their brand and company. At times they progress to build a brand name, a studio, an agency, a small company, etc.

Some freelancers operate under many brands at the same time. Providing various services under different umbrella. Each of them being a different cost centre.

You can manage projects under your name as a one man operation, or as a company with team members.


For a successful business, you need to have good communication with your clients. You establish communication based on service, satisfaction, loyalty, reliability, quality and support. All these attributes acts as a foundation.

To have a good relationship with the client you should have streamlined processes. Which results in increased business and profitability.

Cazny provides features for you to establish good communication and relationship with clients.


To achieve a set of goals and deliver value to a client, you need the right tool set. Managing scope, time, budget and deliveries are paramount to a success of a project.

Plan, execution, monitoring, control and decision making are key in a project execution. You need right data at the right moment for these to happen. Cazny has good project management features that will aid you to successful delivery.


Tasks are the foundation stones of a project. Creation, assignment, prioritisation, scheduling, and collaboration are key to a successful task management.

A task travels through various stages from start to finish. Tracking them through their life-style as an organised workflow is important.


Freelancers and timesheets are inseparable. Most of the times, improper timesheet records results in loss of revenue.

Cazny provides the best timesheet recording functionality. You can map the timesheet to project, client and eventually payments.


Invoices are key to any business and freelancing is no lesser. An efficient invoice generation, communication, tracking and associated statistics are key.

You can generate an invoice in a couple of minutes and send it to the client all from within Cazny. You get a WYSIWYG editor with beautiful invoices.


Freelancers work in parallel projects as often as possible. Keeping track of invoices, due payments, received payments etc is a overhead.

Cazny provides you efficient book keeping. You need not have a finance background to use the payments module. You will get insightful charts for payments.


Whole of the Cazny flows with freelancer at the top. When you sign up into to the application, you are at the top of the functional hierarchy. Beauty of the design is that it flows and does not forces you to follow a strict workflow.

A freelancer accepts work starting from even a couple of hours to spanning many months. You can use Cazny to manage even the smallest quantum of duration. Even in such cases, Cazny will be helpful for your business and not an overhead.

Custom fields

We have ingrained possibility of customisation in each functionality. For example, finance domain is pretty frozen. General ledger is same across the world. But in the case of freelance project management, there is no one universal process.

Cazny allows you to create custom fields and manage data as per your needs. Not only field creation, you can search, filter and sort using them. You can reap benefits a full set of functions using custom fields.


Application supports English and German. Whole of the application UI supports multiple-languages. As we progress, there are plans to add support for more languages. Kindly let us know if you need support for any specific language.

Easy of use

If you know and have used a spreadsheet, then that is enough to learn and use Cazny. It is as simple as that. Cazny has an intuitive UI/UX, uniform flow, information dense design and inline edit. These will all together enable you to use Cazny with ease.

Seamless UI with AJAX, will give you the comfort of a desktop application. There is no design, you will not feel any heavy graphical elements. A simple text based light-weight UI will be easy on your eyes.


Security is a feature. All standard web application security measures are in place. Right from HTTPS encryption to CSRF, XSS protection etc are in place. We have followed OWASP application security standards. We have also done third-party security audit and doing it in a periodic interval.

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