How to Hire Freelance Writer for Content Marketing

Content rules every industry, and content writers are the ones that perform the magic. Good content always gains traction from the public and keeps them returning for more.

But on the other hand, writing content without a purpose or aim would go unproductive, and that's where content marketing comes into play.

In this technology era, content marketing is the hidden agent behind the success of any brand. Content Marketing creates a good brand image and increases its visibility.

So now you know why we need content marketing. But the big problem is in hiring.

Mode to hire freelance writers

Today, there are a handful of ways from which we can choose to hire freelance writers.

  1. Referrals
  2. Freelancing websites
  3. Social media handles
  4. Content agencies

1. Referrals

If you have worked with some freelancers before, you can ask them. Usually, References work the best in this industry.

All these people are connected, and they can help you find the right person for the right job. This system is known as referencing, where someone refers another person to you for the role.

2. Freelancing websites

You can use apps like Fiverr, Upwork, and Freelancer, mainly formed for freelancing purposes. You can post a complete job description here, and the interested applicants will apply to it, and then you can choose from the pool. These platforms are widespread in the freelancing industry.

3. Social media handles

Social media has taken over everyplace nowadays. What better place than social media to find suitable writers for you?

Many Freelancers work on their brand building. They form their accounts and start posting to gain traction.

The advantage is freelancers themselves come out and publicize.

Freelancers mainly use Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter, and Quora. You can go on any of these to hire freelance writers.

There are mainly two methods of hiring:

1. Go on Social {Let's say Linkedin} and then go to the search bar and search for content marketers. Now, a whole list of people will appear in front of you. You can see various profiles, their work, and their portfolios and then decide. You can also hop on a quick chat with them to discuss the details.

2. Another method is more straightforward compared to this one. On Linkedin, there is also an option to post it as a Job. So you can put the Job Description and other details. Interested Candidates will submit their resumes, and you can choose one from them. A similar way is to post Facebook Ads with a requirement for a freelance writer.

4. Content agencies

There are a lot of agencies that manage freelancers and can help you with your requirements. You can reach out to some of the agencies and work with them. The agencies also offer you a competitive price.

These are some of the ways through which you can hire freelance writers.


Qualities of a good content marketer

Content marketing is one of the best forms of marketing. It is not only concerned with presenting an idea but also works on building the brand image.

Content creation

The superior skill a content marketer needs is content creation. This one goes without saying, but many marketers still miss it. A marketer must know at least the basics of content creation. The process of content creation is more straightforward, said than done. A marketer must know the process behind creating content like blogs, reels, posts, etc.

Understanding of sales funnel

Content marketing's main aim is to generate and convert leads.

A marketer needs to have a clear idea about the sales funnel and the process through which he can convert a visitor into a customer.

He needs to know what type of content to create at each stage.

Outreach skills

Outreach is directly concerned with content promotion. Content promotion is also part of a marketer's job. A marketer needs to reach out to the right audience and make them connect with the brand. For reaching out, he can use various methods.

Research skills

Researching plays a crucial role in every job. In content marketing also; it is essential. A marketer needs to do market research to identify his audience's likings and needs. Content marketers research while creating some content. When they research, they get their hands on important information like surveys, case studies, etc.

Data analysis

Data analysis is concerned with the numbers game. A successful marketer knows precisely how to interpret numbers and use them in his favor. He uses it to analyze their performance. It is helpful to support the previously made decisions as well.

Importance of content marketing

Content marketing has been multiplying for years. The primary purpose of it is to attract the right audience, as we know that the environment is dynamic and keeps on changing. Likewise, content marketers also need to keep polishing themselves to adjust in the market. It can have different goals for people, such as brand awareness, lead generation, engagement, sales, cross-selling, etc.

The company entrusts the content marketer to meet its goals. The most significant benefit of content marketing is that the audience sticks for a longer time.

Nobody can stop you from succeeding if you can serve the right people. Grabbing audience attention is tricky; once you have done it right, your socials will boom. It also builds the audience's trust and loyalty toward the brand and showers it with more leads.

It also makes your authority in the market. People will start thinking you are the best in the field and supporting you. You'll get a loyal and good fanbase. When your content marketing starts working for you, you do not need to spend much on marketing strategies. In this digitalized world, content marketing is the most effective marketing strategy.

How to hire

Now, we are clear about the importance and benefits of content marketing. We will see how to hire freelance writers for content marketing. Here are the following steps that you need to follow

  1. Fix suitable target
  2. Form a strategy
  3. Create an apt job description
  4. Gather potential candidates
  5. Screen for ideal freelancers
  6. Test via practical assignment
  7. Schedule interview
  8. Final call

Fix suitable target

Before hiring a freelance writer, you must be sure about the objectives and things you want to achieve (end goal). You are hiring a freelance writer for a fixed time or project. Your goals should align with the period. Proper plans help us to achieve the target. When hiring a marketer for your Instagram account, you must know your goal beforehand.

Form a strategy

You are clear with your goals. But to achieve these goals, you might want a single strategy or a mix of two. So, in the second step, you need to identify your need.

We know various ways to achieve a target, but here, you need to identify how freelancers want to work. To increase Instagram reach, you should only focus on reels.

Create an apt job description

It's time to create a job description that aligns with your goals and strategies. As we previously discussed, you can upload the details on various platforms so interested candidates can reach out to you.

All the terms and conditions, compensation, and scope of work should be transparent.

While laying out the job description for an Instagram marketeer, you need to state the amount of time and dedication you want daily.

Gather potential candidates

It's obvious either you reach out to the candidate or vice versa. You can start reaching out to potential freelancers you would like to work.

You can use socials like LinkedIn, Instagram, or quora to find them. You can go to their profile and see their work samples. In case they interest you so you can leave a cold message. If I want to hire a freelance writer, I will search for writers in the search bar.

Screen for ideal freelancers

It is the most crucial step. By now, you would have received a lot of applications. In this step, you need to look into every aspect of the application and start screening them.

You can review the candidates' portfolios or work samples to get an idea of their work. You can also outsource it to someone else.

Test via practical assignment

Another thing you can do to test their skills is to give them a test assignment. You can choose any random topic and tell them to work on it.

If you are looking for a content writer, you can ask him to write a blog on tools like chat GPT.

This round will test their skills adequately based on your needs. You can then finalize some of the applications to move to the next step.

Schedule interview

The best way to know a person better is by interviewing them. Before making the final choice, you can get on a quick call with the candidates and make a decision.

The interview mode should be the same via which you will coordinate the work. If you allocate work via Skype, do the interview via Skype. It will help to gauge communication skills.

You can conduct either a telephone or video interview. Ask questions that are relevant to the goals. You can once again clear the terms and conditions to avoid any problems in the future.

Take the final call

You have completed the whole process, and it's time for the final decision. While taking this decision, keep in mind all the stages that include the test assignment that you gave them earlier.

Make sure your mindset aligns with the person you choose for the role. Once you have decided whom to hire, then it's time to extend them an offer. Send them a contract mentioning all the details of the role.

Now, you have completed the whole hiring process. And you can start working with the freelancer.


While hiring a freelance writer or marketer, you need to look into various things. Content with a strategy improves connections. Therefore content marketing is of colossal importance. Then, we looked at some of the ways through which you can hire freelance writers. You can do it through referrals, agencies, social media handles, or freelancing websites like Upwork, fiver, freelancer, etc.

You can hire any freelancer by directly reaching out to them or posting about your requirement. Both of these methods work, but the former one is considered more effective as in that way, you can reach out to the people whom you want to.

We looked at some of the essential skills of a content marketer. While reviewing the applications, we need to see if the person has all these relevant skills. Some skills are outreach, content creation, research, and understanding the sales funnel.

Then, we went through the steps you need before hiring a freelancer, and wishing you the best in hiring a good freelance content writer.

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