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Mara Contact Form plugin is simple and easily customizable on your WordPress website. This plugin is very small in size and has many features. This will be a suitable interaction point for your website users to send their thoughts, feedback and queries.

Contact Form Functionality

  • Mara Contact Form plugin gives a great user experience by carrying smooth request-response flow between the end users.
  • It contains a minimum number of fields to facilitate the user and save their time from filling a long form.
  • It looks so simple and also has a modern outlook.
  • It provides a skeleton with minimum CSS. Easily customizable by overriding styles to match with your theme.
  • It has wider browser compatibility by using standard code having global support.
  • Responsive Design - This contact form is fluid to fit into many viewports.
  • It gives a quicker response with the use of jQuery AJAX Form handling.
  • User input sanitization is handled in both client-side and server-side.
  • Google reCaptcha is integrated for fishing malicious attacks.
  • Multiple file attachments option is available.
  • You can on/off the Google reCaptcha and the File Attachment fields via plugin settings.

Contact Form Plugin Settings

After installing and activating the Mara Contact Form plugin Go to Settings -> Mara Contact Form to get the SMTP configuration and mail header information.

Display Contact Page using a shortcode

  • Add the following hook to your theme's functions.php for a shortcode tag. add_shortcode('contact-form', 'get_contact_body');
  • Create a WordPress page for displaying the contact form.
  • Add the shortcode tag as [contact-form] in the page content and update the page.
  • Add a navigation menu to your blog with the contact page link you are created to view the contact page.

Note: Instead of creating the shortcode you can also call the plugin Mara Contact Form function to display the contact form where you want.

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