"A customer is the most important visitor on our premises. He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption of our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider of our business. He is part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us the opportunity to do so." - Mahatma Gandhi, in South Africa in 1890.

We welcome you to have a wonderful experience by using Cazny. 'We' or 'us' represents Cazny. We strongly recommend you to go through the license terms along with this support policy.

Cazny Support Policy

This page explains the support policy of Cazny and last modified on 16 May 2018.

Important Notice

Before you make a purchase,

  1. you must read through the product description.
  2. browse through the screenshots.
  3. playaround with the demo installation of the Product.
  4. watch the video if available.

This is for you to ensure that the Product has the functionality and feature you expect. The support promised to you is based on these only.

Terms of the Policy

  1. All the purchases gets a free support for a duration of six months.
  2. The free support period starts from the date of purchase.
  3. During the purchase, you have a choice to extend the support by six months in addition to the free support period.
  4. Extended support can also be purchased anytime during the usage of the Product by getting in touch with us.
  5. When you report a defect, if we are not able to reproduce it, then you should grant us access to your environment to analyze the situation.
  6. Support includes the following
    1. We will do the installation or help you to install the Product in your environment whichever way is comfortable for you. To do the installation, we will expect FTP access, PHPMyAdmin URL and access credentials. You can avail the free installation only once for a purchase.
    2. New updates of the Product released during the support period will be given free.
    3. Any defects reported during the support period will be fixed and patch delivered exclusively. Please refer the definition for the term 'Defect' at the end of this page. Defects should be reported through tickets using the 'Support Center'.
    4. You can ask us about how a certain feature works, how it is technically implemented and we will explain it to you.
    5. In non-functional requirements, we support for major security aspects like SQL injection, CSRF and XSS attack prevention.
  7. Support DOES NOT include the following
    1. Setup or configuration of your environment. To run the software, it will require basic setup like Apache server, PHP, database etc. You should have all these setup and ready to use.
    2. Support for third-party software.
    3. Data entry or import to the Product.
    4. Configuring third-party applications. For example, configuring Facebook APP to get API keys.
    5. Performance optimizations for response time or throughput or any other parameters.
    6. UI/UX design modifications. For example, you don't like the color or graphics.
    7. A full fledget training session to use the Product is not possible. Almost all of the products are designed with at most simplicity and they can be easily self learned. But, if you have a particular question on how to use a feature, we will defenitely support you on that.
    8. Code a new function or feature. You assume the Product should have a specific function but it is not advertised in the functionality list or demo installation. Then it will not be coded exclusively on your request for 'free'. To avoid this situation, we strongly recommend you to carefully read the Product description, go through the screen shots and try the Product using the demo installation. Ensure that the Product has everything you need and then go for the purchase.
    9. You have made customizations to the code and an effect of it, the application is not behaving as expected. We may not provide you support in such situations.

Defect - Definition and Terms

The term defect may seem obvious but it varies largely based on the context. Coming up with a general term for defect is tedious. To define a framework and understanding between us, we define defect as "a condition which does not meet a requirement as stated in Product description page". It is an error that causes the Product to malfunction and produce incorrect results.

Patches for a defect fix or a new release of the complete Product will be delivered to you.

Minimum Requirements

Following are the support software requirements to run the Products. Other versions may not be supported. These are the general requirements for the Products, if there are any specific requirements that will be described in the Product page.

  1. Apache Server with PHP (5.6 or 7.x) and MySQL / MariaDB database.
  2. Latest versions of Google Chrome or Safari or Firefox browser.

We are committed to serve you in the best possible way. Please contact us for any questions and comments you have.