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"Simple Contact Form" is a PHP based library which enables users to integrate a contact form into their web appliction. Written entirely in core PHP without using any PHP frameworks. Developed based on modern minimal design principles and state of the art UI/UX. It is a premium application with rich feature set to support all your needs related to a contact form.


  • AJAX
    • You can embed the contact form in any of your existing web pages. The contact form is built using AJAX and it will send the message without reloading the whole page.
  • Supports modern and legacy browsers
    • Validations are done using custom code, which ensures that the contact form can be used on even legacy browsers.
  • Attachment Support
    • You can attach multiple files. Support for attachment in the contact form can be enabled or disabled using configuration.
  • Spam Control
    • The contact form uses Google reCAPTCHA. Captcha feature also can be enabled or disabled using configuration.
  • Clean Design
    • Minimal design concept is used for the UI. Very small number of style elements are used and so it can be easily customized to suit your needs.
  • Minimal Code
    • Just a few PHP files and the minimal code make the application integration easier. It can be easily integrated with any application just in minutes. The code footprint is consciously kept to be as minimal as possible.
  • Responsive Design
    • Responsive design is done and the contact form is mobile devices friendly. Designed with mobile first concept. Looks and works great of mobile, tablet, laptop and desktops.
  • Validation
    • Validations are done using JavaScript. It gives intuitive instant message to the users when moving from a field to another. There is a fallback validation using PHP also.
  • Security
    • XSS cross site scripting attack prevention.
  • Other salient features
    • No database required.
    • Sends email with SMTP.
    • Send HTML email with details to the configured member.
    • With comprehensive code comments.
    • Easily customizable.
    • Security vulnerabilities tested.
    • Multiple send to addresses can be configured.
    • Valid HTML5.


You need to click the "Live Preview" button on top of this page. As it is a demo, on submit the email will not be sent to the user. You can see and get a feel of the functionality. If you want to see how the email will look, please check the screenshot.

Customer questions & answers

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Q: Does this contact form work using PHP mail() or SMTP?
By Cindy G. Martin (Customer)

A: This contact form works using a SMTP server which you can configure in the options. We have used PHPMailer package to send the mail. It is always best not to use PHP's mail() in the production.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Do I need a database to use this contact form?
By Alvin Cavanaugh (Customer)

A: No, you do not need a database to use this contact form. You can integrate it with any simple website with just PHP. This contact form will send an email to the admin (email can be configured) with whatever information the user has submitted. So just and email is sufficient.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: I want to add fields with checkboxes, is it possible?
By Jerry Garcia (Customer)

A: Yes, of course possible. If you know the basics in PHP, that should be sufficient and you can do it in just 15 minutes. This contact form code is easy to understand and customize. If you do not have knowledge in PHP, then contact us as we also provide customization services.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Will this contact form work on iPad?
By Tranquillino Lombardo (Customer)

A: Yes, it works on iPad and all tablets. 'Responsive design' is done so that the contact form will work seamlessly on mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: I do not need CAPTCHA, can I remove it?
By Klaudiusz Sobczak (Customer)

A: Yes the captcha (Google reCaptcha) can be removed. You can do it very easily as it is enabled or disabled based on a constant in the config. There is a screenshot in the uploaded gallery without the captcha. There are lot of configuration available in the config using which you can customize the contact form easily to a great extent. Check the Product description above to know what can be configured.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: if I upload attachment more than 2 MB, its not attaching, how can I change that size limit?
By ben giordane (Customer)

A: This limit is from your Apache/PHP setup and it is not coming from the application.

In your php.ini file, you need to increase the values. Find the following two values and increase it.

; Maximum allowed size for uploaded files.
upload_max_filesize = 20M

; Must be greater than or equal to upload_max_filesize
post_max_size = 20M

After changing restart your Apache server.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Is this AJAX Contact form?
By Robert Lewis (Customer)

A: Yes, this contact form is based on AJAX. Please check it out in the demo.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Will this stop spam entries?
By Sam Kirk (Customer)

A: We have taken measures to identify and stop automatic bot based submissions. It incorporates multilevel of protection using honeypot and random fields. It is well tested and stops spam entries. This is even without the use of captcha.

But if the spam is generated directly by human submission, then this will not work.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Will this contact form track the IP Address of the sender?
By david bohannan (Customer)

A: No. The Product does not track IP address or any other user information indirectly.

If you wish to have that feature, it is easy to implement. You can add a 'hidden' field and supply the user's IP address. Then the contact form will relay that value to the form handler and you can use it accordingly.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: How easy is to integrate this in my WordPress site?
By Jorne Holstege (Customer)

A: If you are looking for a WordPress contact form, we have done it as a readily available Product "Mara Contact Form". Check out our product gallery.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Will this contact form work on internet explorer ie?
By Owen Cawthorne (Customer)

A: We do not provide support for Internet Explorer (IE) browser. But this should work in IE too as we have not used any special code that may stop this.

My suggestion is, please use the demo and check it in IE so that you can feel comfortable before purchase.

By Joe (Product's Developer)

Customer ratings & reviews

avatar Mieczyslaw Nowicki
5 stars for the support

I do not have any knowledge about smtp and related stuff. I bought this contact form banking on your support. Thanks for setting it up in no time. Keep it up!

avatar keith gist
Code quality is superb

minimal number of lines, easy to understand and modify it. I have added couple of fields to the contact form and I am able to do it so easily

avatar Mike Hembree
Value for money

the best contact form available in the internet. very good.

avatar Martin Adams
Simple and elegant

does exactly as described, excellent plugin.

avatar Dario Hettinger
Best support

thanks for the wonderful support.

avatar Amos Lewis
Premium work!

Love your clean code, you are just amazing. I'm lucky I landed here. You should promote more and get lot of attention and you guys deserve it. Special mention for the amazing support. You are the best!!!!!

avatar jim shields
Simplicity at its best

got attracted by the captcha-less spam control features. thanks for the simple and easily understandable code. I have converted it to a comments template and deployed it successfully into my blog.