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An address book PHP application, that you can easily integrate with your any existing application with ease. It is simple and intuitive. It is developed using AJAX based UI and uses state of the art technologies. The application is written using core PHP without any dependency on PHP frameworks and uses MVC application architecture to structure the application.


  • Interoperability
    • Export all the contacts from the system CSV. You can also export contact wise in vCard format for sharing externally.
  • Custom Fields
    • The best feature about Ion Address Book application is, it comes with the ability for adding custom fields.
    • This is designed in a maximum flexibility way. Every contact record can have custom field individually as many as required.
  • Photo Upload
    • Photo can be uploaded using drag-and-drop for contacts. Uploaded photos stored are thumbnailed and used in an optimized way.
  • Contact Group
    • Contacts can be grouped as VIP, family, etc. This group can be dynamically added to the system and used upon.
  • Multi Member Access
    • You can create as many members you want and give parallel access to the system.
  • AJAX Based Modern UI
    • The UI/UX is done with atmost care, the application will be simple and easier to use with quick response.
  • Ease of Maintenance
    • The application uses minimal code foot print. Written elegantly by following industry coding best practices.
    • Will be easier to customize and enhance.
    • MVC architecture is used to layer the application.
  • Performance
    • Optimized for huge number of records. If you have million contacts, this is the application you have use. The performance will be seamless.
  • Security
    • SQL injection prevention.
    • CSRF attack protection.
    • XSS attack protection.
  • Other salient features
    • Search, Filter, Sort and Pagination
    • Uni-field search, simple and quick to use
    • Powerful filter option to filter out the records displayed.
    • Sort the listed records column wise in ascending or descending order.

Customer questions & answers

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Q: Is this based on any PHP framework like Laravel, CodeIgniter?
By Alrik Baert (Customer)

A: Just core PHP is used and there is no dependency on any PHP frameworks. MVC architecture and object-oriented programming is used.

If you want to integrate this address book with an application that already uses Laravel or any other frameworks, it can be done easily.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Can I export contact as vCard?
By Stanley Spencer (Customer)

A: Yes, contacts can be exported as vCard. As of now, every individual contact can be exported as a vCard separately. You can check it out in the demo. Go to contact view and you have icon there to export it as vCard.

By Joe (Product's Developer)