We build simple, powerful products to enable small businesses.

About Cazny

About us

We are a technology company and we build simple, powerful products for small businesses. There is no better feeling than doing what you love. We create meticulously crafted software products to help small businesses succeed.

We promise you the best quality products.

Our High Values

We respect customers and work to earn respect
We put our customers first and he is our purpose
We are transparent and trustworthy
Strive for excellence and deliver extraordinary results
Support first and we do it passionately
Innovate for better business outcomes for our customers

Support First

The main differentiating factor at Cazny is support. You will experience a new dimension of pre-sales and after-sales support. We want our software to be used and hence its purpose gets fulfilled. We go the extra mile to ensure that you go live successfully with our products. We take great pride in seeing our systems at work. We want to enable your business and throttle towards success. We strongly believe that your well being will contribute to our growth.

Greater Innovation

By purchasing our reusable software components, you can make your process of developing software systems an easier one. Effective reuse of software can greatly cut development time and costs. In the modern era, key to success is innovation. Our innovative Products will help you to reduce your system development duration, increase the modularity and eventually help you to have a better productivity. In a long term perspective, you will have a reduced maintenance cost and ease of enhancement during the time of evolving business needs. On the whole, you will get a competitive advantage over your peers.

Transparent and Trustworthy

We strive to be transparent in our process, execution and every transaction with our customers. Transparency is the corner stone of trust. We bring in innovative practices and enthusiasm for a better customer relationship. We constantly work towards better making it better. We have a no non-sense refund policy and this is one example of how we care for our trustworthiness. The support center and the lifecycle it is designed to work on is to ensure transparency. Every employee at Cazny is rewarded based on the client feedback on his Product transaction. Everybody at Cazny strive to be a trustworthy partner to client.

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