Project management tool for freelancers

Delight your customers with better project execution

Cazny will help you to focus on your real job and minimize your effort on management.

Why Cazny?

  1. Easy to learn and start managing your projects in a few minutes.
  2. You can personalize and adapt it to your needs with minimal effort.
  3. Built by freelancers for freelancers with core focus on usability.
  4. We will provide priority support for all by handholding you to get the best.
  5. Fast! No-nonsense seamless UI/UX, features to get things done in few clicks.
  6. Focus on your customers, reduce paperwork and improve delivery efficiency.
  7. Cazny acts as a personal assistant and enables you to be on top of things.
  8. One unified software for all your project management needs.
  9. Cazny will help you to take insightful decisions by providing right analytical information.
  10. Unlimited access free plan, try before you pay, and no questions asked refund policy.


We designed Cazny in such a way that you need not reveal any critical data. Right from registration to complete usage we do not mandate you to input sensitive data.

The higher most private information we mandate you to enter is your email during registration. You are not forced to enter any business critical information.


Earlier, we built Cazny for our internal purposes. We continue to use it for managing our projects. We are sensitive about data security and it is of atmost priority to us.

We have followed OWASP application security standards and also have done third-party security audit.


We charge 9 USD per month.

Before going to this paid subscription plan, you can use Cazny free for 14 days. You get free unlimited access to complete Cazny. No credit card required.

Still after subscription, if you are not happy, we will refund you before the next billing cycle. No questions asked!

Our Story

Joe and Vincy have built Cazny with passion. We have been running a freelance agency with great success since 2013. It is a small studio for building dynamic websites.

During the recent Covid situation our online business was booming. Our teams were spread out, clients from across the globe and an efficient tool became a necessity.

We searched online for project management tools. There are many software available, but very few are specially focussed on freelancers. Every company has missed out a fact that, project management software that is applicable for a corporate cannot be best used by a freelancer.

Freelancers need to do proposal to task to timesheet to invoicing and more, all by themselves. Since most of the freelancers work solo, a huge CRM will be a overhead. We need something sleek, simple, minimal, lightweight and covers A to Z of a business.

There no good solutions available in the market. We built a software for ourselves and eventually gave access to some of our clients too. Everybody liked and recommended to launch it for public and Cazny is born.

We plan for a long journey and hope to earn your trust. We are looking forward to hear your thoughts. You will reach us (the founders) in the first level of support. You can email, chat and telephone to us.

"Now is no time to think of what you do not have. Think of what you can do with what there is."
Ernest Hemingway, in The Old Man and the Sea
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