We welcome you to have a wonderful experience by using Cazny. 'We' or 'us' represents Cazny. We strongly recommend you to go through the license terms along with the support policy.

Cazny Refund Policy

This page explains the refund policy of Cazny and last modified on 24 May 2018.

Important Notice

Before you make a purchase,

  1. you must read through the product description.
  2. browse through the screenshots.
  3. playaround with the demo installation of the Product.
  4. watch the video if available.

This is for you to ensure that the Product has the functionality and feature you expect. The support promised to you is based on these only.

Terms of the Policy

  1. Before going for a refund request, you should raise a support request ticket via the "Support Center" and describe the issue you have in detail. The author of the Product should be given an opportunity to resolve the issue.
  2. We accept and process refund only when there is a Defect. Please refer our definition for Defect at the end of this page.
  3. You can claim refund only within thirty days of the purchase.
  4. You cannot claim a refund for the following reasons (and not limited to),
    1. After buying, you do not 'like' the Product. You do not have a particular reason, but you do not like it.
    2. You 'expected' a functionality to be available in the Product and you feel it is obvious. But that, functionality is not given in the Product description, it is also not available in the demo or screenshots.
    3. Your environment is not compatible as per the requirements and because of that, there is a Defect that does not allow the Product to be used.
    4. You have mistakenly bought a wrong Product.
    5. You are finding it difficult to understand how to use or customize the Product.
    6. You have violated the license terms under which you have made the purchase.
    7. You have made customizations to the code and an effect of it, the Product is not behaving as expected.
    8. Due to non-functional-reasons, like response time or throughput or any other similar parameters.
  5. What you should be doing,
    1. You must claim for refund within thirty days of the purchase.
    2. Raise a support request with as much detail possible, so that the Product author can attempt to resolve the Defect.
    3. Provide screenshots or video of the Defect.
    4. If needed, provide access to your environment, so that the Author can reproduce the Defect to understand and analyze it. If your environment cannot be exposed, then setup the same in a test server and give access to us.
  6. How the refund will be processed,
    1. Your refund request will be acknowledged within three business days, regardless of the response.
    2. Acceptance for refund will be approved and notified to you via the support request you have raised for the issue.
    3. Once the refund claim is accepted, it may take a maximum of three business days to initiate the refund payment.
    4. The refund will be paid back through the same payment mode using which you made that particular purchase.

Defect - Definition and Terms

The term defect may seem obvious but it varies largely based on the context. Coming up with a general term for defect is tedious. To define a framework and understanding between us, we define defect as "a condition which does not meet a requirement as stated in Product description page". It is an error that causes the Product to malfunction and produce incorrect results.

Patches for a defect fix or a new release of the complete Product will be delivered to you.