Soteria - Secure Authentication (Login) Authorization and User Management System

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A secure authentication and authorization system is a basic requirement for any application. Implementing your own secure system may turn out to be a cumbersome work. This is a wheel that really do not worth re-inventing. For example, we can see lot of live systems having open reset password functionality. At a high level this will look to be too simple to implement but at the core, this will open pandora's box. Bare minimum reset password functionality link should have a hash token with expiry limit.Why do you want to bother implementing it, when its already done, tested and certified.

This product is being used in many installations and being updated regularly. It will also serve you as a starter app for building a PHP based web applications.The application is built with just core PHP and no framework dependency is there and MVC architecture is used to structure the application.


  • Social OAuth Authentication
    • Social OAuth authentication enabled.
    • This functionality can be enabled or disabled via the Admin control panel.
  • Audit Log
    • Audit log can be enabled by the Admin.
    • This will keep track of all the user actions with lot of behind the screen information.
  • Registration / Signup
    • A complete end to end sign up registration flow available. Registration activation using SMTP email.
  • Member Management
    • Members can also be created by the Admin and this is also configurable by Admin.
    • Member profile management.
  • Application Properties
    • The main advantage of Soteria is, almost all the functionality can be enabled or disabled by the Admin from the control panel.
  • Authorization
    • Role based access privilege control. Unlimited number of roles can be created and dynamic access level can be granted.
    • Fine grained access control, functionality level access can be allocated for roles.
  • Dashboard
    • Graphical dashboard for birds eye view of the system status.
  • Email
    • Template based emails. Template can be edited by the system admin and all emails can be modified.
    • PHPMailer based SMTP email delivery.
  • Responsive Design
    • Responsive design enables you to use the application seamlessly across mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.
    • A minimal and modern web design used with light weight interface.
  • Security
    • SQL injection prevention.
    • CSRF attack protection.
    • XSS attack protection.
  • Other Salient Features
    • With minimal and clean code, the application can be easily customized and enhanced.
    • Application can be easily integrated with other applications.
    • Robust application
    • Best starter app for a PHP based web application.

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