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Ion Cart is a shopping cart software, an eCommerce software solution to setup your online store. It is a simple and modern shopping cart software. Ion Cart will let you go live with a quick launch and set up your shop online in minutes. This application is feature packed with responsive design. The administration panel is built with simplicity and ease of use as the primary focus. It provides the best UI/UX interface to manage the shopping cart dynamics.


The shopping cart has two major components, the administration panel and the store front. The standard eCommerce aspects are covered in an elegant way.

Shopping Cart Administration Panel

Seller is the superuser having all privileges and complete access to the shopping cart admin panel. He is the one who manages the complete shopping cart application.


A quick view of the overall data statistics with the graph, tabular form and more. It is the cockpit and a central control panel. It gives a birds eye view of the complete state of the shopping cart in a simple way.

  • Shows statistics of products, sales, orders, customers and more.
  • Shows date-wise customer registration graph.
  • Shows date-wise products sales graph.
  • Alerts for products minimum order quantity based on stock definition.

Product Management

The seller can add new products to the system and manage those products.

  • Products can be categorized under multi-level category hierarchy with main and subcategories.
  • Product uniqueness with the registered identification code like MPN, ISBN, UPC, EAN.
  • Stock management: Fixing stock ranges for a product.
  • Shipping management: Specification for the product shipping
  • Different configurable payment modes.
  • Payment gateway management: PayPal and Stripe.
  • Product property specification like size, color, dimension and etc.
  • Bulk import, export of products to and from the application database.

Category Management

The seller can create new category and subcategory hierarchy. Products can be placed on it by selecting suitable categories.

Property Management

The property name-value pair will be created and managed with this functionality. Seller has the access permission to set app properties.

  • Property name-value options are listed in product management.
  • Products can be mapped to the appropriate property.
  • Mapped product properties are displayed to the end user to select before purchasing.

Manage and Contact Customers

The customer comes into the application via end user registration functionality.

  • Admin can manage customers info and their account activation status.
  • The seller can contact customer via email either to an individual customer or all customers.

Order Management and Dynamic Status

Product orders can be managed in application admin by the seller. Order management includes.

  • Bulk order delete option.
  • Changing order status. Users can track their order status based on this control.
  • Dynamic status can be added for orders. The status lowest ordinal will be taken as default while placing the order.

Configurable Application Properties

Application admin panel contains the interface to configure app properties. The configurations are:

  • Reset password token expiry
  • Pagination per page result count
  • Site logo and banner
  • Mail configurations
  • Paypal configuration
  • Stripe configuration
  • Stock management configuration
  • Facebook Login
  • Cart settings like cart name, currency, price and more.


  • Each functionality has search filter to narrow down the results based on the specific criteria.
  • Common pagination template for all data listings. The template shows limited page links based on the total number of pages.
  • Activity logging for the application page access with the bulk delete option.

Shopping Cart Store Front

3-Step Shopping Cart Flow

The shopping cart flow has minimal steps Checkout -> Enter Order Info -> Order Confirmation. The order process flow is optimized by following standard eCommerce principles.

  • The cart is editable before checkout. Buyer can delete single or bulk cart items and can change cart product quantity.
  • Two types of payment options available Cash on Delivery and PayPal Payment.

Customer Orders

The customer can see their purchase orders after login to the shopping cart.

  • Complete order view with purchased product detail.
  • Each order is referred with a unique number. Users can track their order by this order reference number.


  • Social Login support (enabled by admin)
  • Product category-based price range-based filter is available.
  • Product image gallery with zoom option.
  • Simple search, filter and pagination option to help the user to buy the product easily.
  • Configurable currency option.
  • Product gallery with add to cart shortcut.
  • Customer Profile settings after login.
  • Products mega menu dropdown in the site header
  • Best in class security.
  • Ease of use.
  • Simplicity for the Admin Seller to manage the shop.
  • 100% responsive design to use the complete shopping seamlessly in mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices.
  • On the whole it is simple shopping cart with powerful functionality and feature list.

Customer questions & answers

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Q: Can I use this shopping cart for online food delivery shop?
By Fred Bergeson (Customer)

A: Yes, this is absolutely compatible for an online food delivery chain. The shopping cart is generic and has lot of Admin configurable options. Even without any code customization, the software can be used for an online food cart.

In case if you require any customization, we provide that services too.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Is Cash on Delivery available as option?
By Carl Perkins (Customer)

A: Yes it is available. You can check it out in the demo.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Will my customers be able to pay with a credit card to make purchases?
By Dan Teitelbaum (Customer)

A: Yes, it is possible. We have PayPal and Stripe integration available in the shopping cart. Your customers can make credit card payments via both Stripe as well as PayPal.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: How many ways to transfer the payment?
By Joe Owens (Customer)

A: I understand that you are asking, the different mode of payments available. Presently Stripe, PayPal, Cash on Delivery is possible. Shortly we are adding, SagePay and CCAvenue. Lot more coverage is in the roadmap. If you have a request for specific payment gateway or mode, please let us know and we will give it a high priority. We will integrate it, and inform you.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Can i show the feature products?
By Isaac Walker (Customer)

A: Yes, you can configure featured products. As a seller, from the seller-control panel, you can choose the featured products and manage them. Then it will be shown in the home page as feature products. Feature product is developed as standalone module and so it can be integrated to any page in the shopping cart in few minutes easily.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: your shopping cart, use a session or cookie?
By Dianne Matt (Customer)

A: It uses both. We use PHP session to maintain the conversation state and cookies to implement few ornamental features. So, session, cookie and JavaScript all are used in the shopping cart implementation.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Can this eCommerce software be used in mobile?
By Jon Karlsson (Customer)

A: yes, the complete application designed using a responsive design. So this eCommerce software can be used in mobile, tablet, laptop and desktop devices without any issues.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: grouping items in wishlist are available?
By Bilal Talma (Customer)

A: Wishlish feature is under development and will be available as part of the next release due in two weeks.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Is stock management integrated with the cart?
By Dieter Eisenberg (Customer)

A: Yes, stock management module is available as part of the shopping cart. The plus point is, it can be enabled or disabled by the seller. The seller can also choose to enable it at point of the usage. Min, max, stock level, minimum order quantity alert, reports and lot more are available in the shopping cart.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Can I sell digital media like software, eBooks, music, videos, and images?
By Greg Riggs (Customer)

A: No, as of now it is not possible. This feature is definitely in our release road map. This will be available very soon (approximately one month).

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Display price with in the cart during order?
By Mike Ontiveros (Customer)

A: Yes, there is a tax module available as part of the core shopping cart software. Detailed configuration option is available and you can customize the behavior of the cart to a large extent. Please check the seller dashboard of the shopping cart demo.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Is this a multi-seller eCommerce software?
By Kasper Lundin (Customer)

A: No, this is only a single-seller eCommerce shopping cart software. We have plans to upgrade it to a multi-seller shipping in the future.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Is shipping option available?
By John Moore (Customer)

A: Yes, there is a detailed shipping configuration available. It can be enabled or disabled by the seller in his dashboard. The shopping cart can be configured whether to have shipping charges product wise or on the whole and lot more options available. Please check the demo.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Is there any digital currency system available in this application for payment?
By Tim Schulz (Customer)

A: No, as of now there is no option to use digital currency for payments in the shopping cart. But if you require, we can do that as a customization exclusively for you.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Will you customize this application with bulk add-to-cart option as like as WooCommerce?
By Morgan Middleton (Customer)

A: Yes definitely possible to add bulk add-to-cart option. Please raise a support ticket and we will do the customization for you.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Shall I add same product in multiple category?
By Patrick Beike (Customer)

A: No, as of now one product can be added one category only. If you wish, we can do that as a customization. There is a validation check that forces one product to one category and that can be relaxed easily.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: I already know which products I want. Is there a shortcut to placing my order?
By Senthil Kumar (Customer)

A: I am not sure what kind of shortcut you are looking for. If you can please explain, it will be great to answer accurately. On assumption, to place an order, you need to add the items to the cart. The checkout and make payments. This is the standard shopping cart flow and the same needs to be followed.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Will there be a confirmation notification on an order?
By Devrim van Zon (Customer)

A: Yes, when an order is placed you will get an email with details of the order. Then there is 'Track your Order' feature available and that will give you the current status of your order anytime.

By Joe (Product's Developer)
Q: Can you setup my store for me?
By Earl Johnson (Customer)

A: Yes, definitely we will do the the installation and setup. It will be done free of cost as it is included in our support. Not only for this shopping cart, installation and support is free for all our products.

By Joe (Product's Developer)

Customer ratings & reviews

avatar Danny Brown
Fantastic Support

Thank you for the great support. You did excellent work with installation and configuration. I couldn't ask for more. Keep continuing this energetic support work. Fantastic! Thanks!!

avatar Jeff Calvin
Easy to use

I believe that this shopping cart is the absolute best value on the market. It's really a surprise that these guys are selling it for such a low price as this software is a good all-around product. The admin control is easy to learn, I just spent some 30 mins to get a overall grip on it. I have setup up my handicraft online shop and I am happy to recommend this software.