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Easy project management requires an effective project management software. Better project management can help to execute a project quickly and effectively. Optimum project planning and project tracking is required to profitably manage a project. Rhea would be a great fit if you are searching for a easy and effective project management software. Rhea software is designed and developed to help small business achieve best project management results. It is simple and effective. The simplicity is made by shaping the product with only the most essential functional components.


Role-Based Access Management

A flexible project management software requires streamlined access management capabilities. Rhea has role based access privilege management. The roles are created by Admin. Initially, the admin and member roles are added to the software by default and it can be modified or removed.

While creating roles, the selectable list of application functionalities are shown to set the role privileges. The programming data referring the application functionalities are configured with the application configuration file.

Application Member Management

Admin will create members and set the role to give the application access privileges. Member registration can be opened up for the non-admin if the application settings are enabled with member signup. Then, the account can be activated by clicking the activation link sent to their email. The default role for the member can be configured with the application property settings.

When the member login to the system, the controls, links, menu are displayed based on the privileges given to the user on registration. If the member tries to access the page for which the permission is denied, then he will be redirected to login or to the first privileged page based on the session existence.

Member Login and Authentication

This application has its own login system and also allows to login with Facebook. The facebook single signon will enable easy registration into the software. Member login information is stored securely by creating a hash and follows advanced practices to ensure best security.

Project Data Management

Project details like project name, description, the client of the project are created and managed with the application interface. Client names from the database are displayed in a select box to map projects to the client. The status of the project can be categorized as active or inactive.

Task Data Management

The project and the task management is the prime functionalities of these applications as this is the core part of any project management software. This functionality is mainly for creating new and managing existing task data. It provides,

  • User interface to go with as usual add, modify, delete, view, list interface.
  • support to import bulk data instead of posting via HTML forms.
  • ability to backup data by exporting tasks.
  • Task Board to drag and drop between the dynamic status.

Tasks can be allocated by selecting the owner from the dropdown shown in the add/edit interface. Task list page has the option to filter the results based on the project, client, owner of the task.

Managing Client Information

The details about the client, company and the contact information are created and managed by this functionality. This client information is collected and mapped while adding the project.

Dynamic Status Management

Task tracking is a key thing in project management software. Rhea allows its users to create dynamic status exclusive for maintaining the state of the task. These status are used to group the project's tasks. Task status is added with a random color code that can be changeable with the jQuery color picker. The status color code is used in the UI to show task grouping or overview based on the status.

Dynamic Priority Management

Priority terms are created dynamically. These priority names are commonly used for both Task and Ticket functionality. The added priorities are listed in the Task and Ticket form interface that is selectable to set the task or ticket priority. Priorities are also added and indicated by a randomly created color code.

Progressive Ticket System

Application members can raise the ticket for requesting support, asking queries or anything else. The ticket progress is denoted by various ticket status. The ticket statuses are also created dynamically as like as task status functionality.

Internal Messaging System

This functionality fulfills the communication requirement among the team, members who are using this project management software. The inbox and sent messages are listed by using the submenu navigation of this messaging system. While composing new messages the user can attach files. The attached files are previewed in the message view as clickable thumbnails.

Application Property Interface

Application property interface is used for configuring application based settings. This interface will have selectable options, directives to enable or disable application's existing feature and more other forms of inputs to manage settings. The configurable settings are listed below.

  • General setting to select application's default and admin roles, per page limits and more
  • Mail configuration
  • Enabling member registration
  • Enabling Google ReCaptcha display
  • Enabling activity logging

Activity Logging

This is to log activities have takes place in the application. This log will be helpful to track the activities. The activity logs are stored in the database and it can be cleared.


Rhea the Project Management Software has some attractive come essential features.

Trello like Interactive Task Board with Cards Drag and Drop feature

In Task Board the tasks are tiled as cards on the status lanes. In this board, the dynamically created statuses are displayed as lanes and the tasks are grouped together based on the status. These tasks are draggable and droppable from one status to another. The drag and drop action will be interactive to change the status of the tasks.

Task Import and Export

Added to the feature to create a task by posting one by one via HTML form interface, this software also allows importing the bulk of tasks into the system. Also, the existing tasks can be exported into a .csv backup that will be downloaded to the browser.

Graphical Dashboard with Application Data Overview

The project management application dashboard will have the graphical and tabular representation of the data overview. It will help to have a quick view of the application state. It shows the number of tasks, members, clients, projects, tickets available. A pie chart shows the tasks count based on priorities. The first five high priority tasks are listed in a tabular view.

Social Media Login

Added to the application custom login, Rhea allows users to log in with Facebook. If the users are not interested to fill up the signup form can easily get into the system by using this social media login.

Functionality-Wise Data Statistics

Above each functionality Tasks, Projects, Clients, Tickets and Members, the overview cards are there to show the data strength based on the status or priorities.

Search Filters and Date Range Filters

Search featured is added with the filter option to shortlist the results based on the typed keyword, specified date range and more.

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